The First ever Super Meat.

Highest protein quality ever found in meat.

It’s pure high quality protein.

Highest protein score vs all other meats.

Our Buttermilk Chickin blows away the real deal

Our “chickin” comes in many whole cut sizes. It makes a killer crispy buttermilk chickin  sandwich, chickin tenders, or cook it up on the grill with BBQ sauce and all the fixings.  

Our Workout Burger is loaded with 45 grams of the highest quality protein available.

It is the perfect food for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, yoga moms and all workout people.

We make tender, delicious veal-like cutlets that are Michelin Star quality

The cutlets are perfect for restaurants or home cooked dishes ranging from marsala, piccata,  and scallopini to parmesan and schnitzel. 

Our pizza is a real meal.

It should be since it delivers big on protein. So order a large and start feeding your  family something their body needs versus filling it up with some cheap low quality version.

Fresh Craft Energy Drinks.
Made to order.

For a pick me up, try our Fresh Craft Energy Drinks. Made to order.
We love energy. We also love up-cycling our co-product protein liquids.
Great tasting energy drinks. Spicy Coffees. Whey Protein Shakes. All made available all day at the Craft Energy Drink Bar. High-end Craft Beers and Wines also available to those who enjoy a quality adult beverage.

Come eat at our Showcase Restaurant.

Opening soon.

Address: 2607 Edgewater Dr. Orlando, Florida

Come on in.